Coconut Comforting Oil

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Coconut Comforting Oil

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Extra virgin olive oil Moisturizer, antioxidant
Extra virgin coconut oil Moisturizer, antibacterial
Sunflower seed oil Moisturizer, brightening
Vitamin e Antioxidants

Don't you agree that pregnancy should be all about taking a good care of the baby AND the mother? Yup, we think so, and that's exactly the reason why we created the For Mom series in the first place, which is to solve skin problems every mom-to-be will be facing.

With all the extra weight, it's no wonder that your feet are swollen and your legs hurt. One of things that you can do to treat leg cramps or prevent them from occurring is by massaging your calves and feet. Use Coconut Comforting Oil to give you the comfort you need. The bonus is, you can also use it as a daily facial and body moisturizer.

P.S. Don't worry moms! Coconut Comforting Oil is one of For Mom series. Every For Mom series is unscented, so that they cope well with your super sense of smell. And as always, 100% no harmful chemicals.

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Dry to normal skin. Specially formulated without essential oils. Best for those who are sensitive with essential oils.
Cocos nucifera (virgin coconut oil), Olea europaea (virgin olive oil), Helianthus annuus (sunflowerseed oil), tocopherol (vitamin E).
Use Coconut Comforting Oil to give you the comfort you need by massaging your calves and feet. And because it is fragrance free, you can use it as a daily moisturizer that will not give you nausea.