Ask “WHAT”.. And most importantly, ask “WHY”?

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How often have you gone to a supermarket, come to the shelf of personal care products to buy some for yourself or your family? Once a month? Twice? Regularly I believe.

Now how often you looked at the ingredients (not just the label) of the products before you put it in your trolley/basket? I really hope some of you, if not all, will answer “always”.


2012 has been the most adventurous year for us in Wangsa Jelita. We have joined some networks – both national and international level, built partnership and collaborated with other organizations here and there, increased the number of farmers and local communities whom we work with – all of those led us to meeting people who have taught us to grow.

One of the most important lessons that I, personally, have (re)learned through this year is about the important of asking the (right) question – something that my team has been doing since we started Wangsa Jelita, something that we always keep as a culture within our company because we believe that it helps us to serve better.

There are times when we do things without deep understanding about why we do it. We put our focus on “do, do and do”, leaving the real meaning behind. My questions earlier actually make one good example. Focusing on the doing without understanding why is like using a product without knowing what’s in it and why you need it (not).

When Amirah, Fitri, and I formed this company four years ago, we asked ourselves what kind of products we want to produce. We didn’t stop there asking “what”, we continuously challenged ourselves by asking “why”?

“Why it has to be different with those chemical laden ones?”

“Why not adding preservatives nor colorants nor SLS?”

“Why natural?”

“Why not?”


That crazy moment when all questions were thrown away went to conclusion, “hey, it because we (our body) deserve better!” And I’m grateful beyond words for that crazy moment because ever since we know what our best interest is.

Back to the “reading the ingredients habit”, I think it is quite common for me, being a pharmacist, to do so. We had been taught to understand and thoroughly choose what to add and what not to add in our formulation. I could understand when I discussed this with one of my best friends (who is not a pharmacist) who told me that she prefers to read the label instead (just so she knows the use of the products, alas, without truly understands what they’re made of). She mentioned how overwhelmed she was, trying to pronounce all those things on the ingredients list. (She always knows how to crack me up).

Well I think she’s right. It can be, indeed, overwhelming – reading things that we have no idea about. But at this very time when information can be accessed freely, I cannot think of a good reason why we should be ignorant about what we use, or in this case, what our body consumes.

You know, I could have just said, “let my team do the dirty work”, or “let us deal with the nitty-gritty to formulate and produce natural products with quality so then you could just buy them”. No, I’m not going to say that. I’d prefer to say “let’s be smart together!”– I want to encourage you to be more aware of what’s in the products you use.

If I may, I’ll put it in this simple question, If my team in Wangsa Jelita cares enough about what you and your family should (and should not) apply onto your skin, why don’t you? :)

Less than a month before we enter 2013.. Would you take this habit as one of your resolutions? Would you give what your body really deserves? Looking forward to hearing your YES and YES.

As always, my team and I would be so thrilled to have your comments, so do not hesitate to Tweet us, write on our Facebook Wall, and leave a message below.



Nadya Saib


Nadya Saib, atau akrab dipanggil Nadya, merupakan salah satu co-founder Wangsa Jelita. Nadya adalah seorang Apoteker dari Institut Teknologi Bandung dan saat ini bertanggung jawab sebagai CEO dari Wangsa Jelita.