For the first time, we held a quiz in our Instagram. The rules are simple: regram our photo and create your own caption based on keyword of the day. The quiz lasted for 5 days, March 23rd - 30th 2015, with 5 keywords; Natural, Healthy, Fun, Caring and Fresh – which relates to our brand. All captions are amazing and inspiring…. unfortunately we have to choose, congratulations for 5 winners!

Day 1 – Natural
“Why do you choose natural products?”
“Because I’m not a synthetic person” - @b1ttersweet_choco

Day 2 – Healthy
“What is your health mantra?”
“The dose makes the poison.” - @tiaraaywrdn

Day 3 – Fun
“Everyone needs to have fun. Now…how are you going to have fun this weekend? Share your idea with us.”
“We are having fun this weekend with some self-pampering, girltalks and a dress-up-together session. We’re mainly celebrating our fabulous selves, really…” - @amandapiwit

Day 4 – Caring
“Who is the best care provider in your life?”
“My Mother is the best care provider in my life with the unconditional love she gives to me.” - @candraamertha

Day 5 – Fresh
“How are you going to refresh your mind?”
“Have a ‘me time’, get some rest, take a deep breath & smell a refreshing & calming scent” - @indahrp_

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in our quiz, we truly enjoyed reading your captions and stories. Keep inspiring ❤
Cheers to all of us!