Face It! for Dry Skin - Facial Oil

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Face It! for Dry Skin - Facial Oil

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Avocado oil Collagen-booster, moisturizer
Rosehip oil Anti-aging, moisturizer
Lavender essential oil Aromatherapy, shooting
Extra virgin olive oil Moisturizer, antioxidant
Vitamin e Antioxidants
Almond oil Ultra nourisher, brightening

If dull and rough skin has been an issue, then Face It! For Dry Skin - Facial Oil is for you. It contains the superior collagen-boosting action of Avocado and Rosehip Oil, which helps reducing the appearance of lines, age spots, and scars. They also offer an immediate effect to keep skin hydrated, plumper, and younger looking. And not to mention, combined with the nourishing Almond and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this facial oil is definitely a saviour for dry and sensitive skin types.

Ready to wake up to a whole new glow? Try this on!


To explain what Face It! really is in the simplest way: it is like a face moisturizer, except it is way better! You can rest assured that it is formulated specifically to each skin type. If Face It! for Dry Skin - Facial Oil is not what you've looked for, find your remedies in other Face It! series below:

Dry and sensitive skin types.
Olea europaea (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Prunus dulcis (Almond Oil), Persea americana (Avocado Oil), Rosa canina (Rosehip Oil), Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil), tocopherol (vitamin E).
After cleansing your face, apply 2-3 drops of oil to your face and gently massage across your skin. Use it regularly before sleep and also before you start the day.