Batik Fractal Pouch

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Beautiful things happen when innovation and technology meet traditional arts!

You know why this Batik Fractal Pouch is so dear to our hearts?

  • It is made by a group of women from Koperasi Batik Fractal at Dago Pojok Bandung and a group of artisans from Cikutra Bandung. Conducting the fair trade practice, Koperasi Batik Fractal under Piksel Indonesia is a social business that aims to empower women through batik production and art. In other words, you are supporting the efforts of empowering our local communities just by purchasing this product.
  • Its batik design was made by jBatik software--again, created by Piksel Indonesia--giving a touch of technology to the traditional processing.
  • Not to mention, the use of bark of soga tingi which contains tanin (Ceriops tagal) as natural coloring for the batik cloth, making the whole process of making this pouch environmentally-friendly.



  • Batik: cotton, natural colorant from bark of soga tingi (Ceriops tagal), whiting fixation.
  • Bottom: synthetic leather (from rubber).
  • Inside: nylon.


Dimension: 18.5 x 6.5 x 12.5 cm