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Submitted by Wangsa Jelita on Mon, 2016-07-11 19:39

SERENE Beauty Oil - IDR 115.000 (60 ml)

Just like other beauty oil of Wangsa Jelita, SERENE Beauty Oil is also a multipurpose beauty product; from skin/hair/face moisturizer to bath oil, and even make up remover, you name it! The difference is, this time you can get the three most wanted ingredients in one bottle; green tea, lavender, and almond oil. Imagine the benefit this product offers!


SERENE Body Mist - IDR 75.000 (60 ml)

SERENE Body Mist has this magic combination of sweet, feminine, and also invigorating scents that fit perfectly for your dynamic spirit. If your go-getter self needs a boost spray of confidence, then no doubt this is for you!


SERENE Body Scrub - IDR 95.000 (100 gram)

Not only it work wonders for body skin cleansing, SERENE Body Scrub has the floral scent that is calming and refreshing at the same time. If you want to get silky-smooth skin, SERENE Body Scrub is the answer.


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