Sarongge Coffee Soap

Rp 35.000

Sarongge Coffee Soap

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Coffee powder Exfoliates skin, deodorant
Coconut oil Moisturizer and antibacterial

While drinking a cup gets you that internal coffee boost, rubbing your skin with a coffee soap also promises a whole set of benefits that make coffee a favorite skin drink!

Now, made of natural coffee powder, this Sarongge Coffee Soap exfoliates your skin gently, making it smoother and brighter!

What's even more special about Sarongge Coffee Soap:

  1. Sarongge Coffee Soap is a product of a project called WJxSarongge. WJxSarongge is a collaboration between Wangsa Jelita and Green Initiative Foundation to support the Community Development Program in the village of Sarongge, West Java.
  2. Sarongge Coffee Soap is a handmade, cold-pressed soap which is produced by a group of women entrepreneur in Sarongge. That means, by purchasing this soap, you are supporting the women and their families in Sarongge to gain additional income, and contributing to the conservation of the nearby Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park.
  3. And you know what fascinated us most when we first met the women in Sarongge? We found out that their soap production method required zero electricity, making Sarongge Coffee Soap a very eco-friendly product.


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Normal to oily skin type.
Aqua, Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), Coffee robusta (coffee powder), sodium hydroxide (none remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin).
Use in the bath or shower. Use puff to create more lather.