SERENE Body Mist

Rp 60.000 Rp 75.000 60 ml

SERENE Body Mist

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Green tea oil Moisturizer, anti-aging
Lavender essential oil Aromatherapy, shooting
Almond oil Ultra nourisher, brightening

For the first time ever, Wangsa Jelita collaborates with one of the most favorite teen magazines in the country, Gogirl!, in creating a series of personal care products specially formulated for the young-at-heart! We proudly call the series, SERENE. All SERENE products are made of three natural ingredients; green tea, lavender, and almond oil, and as usual, 100% no harmful chemicals.

SERENE Body Mist has this magic combination of sweet, feminine, and also invigorating scents that fit perfectly for your dynamic spirit.

If your go-getter self needs a boost spray of confidence, then no doubt this is for you! #WJxGG

All skin types.
Aqua, Alcohol, Ricinus communis (PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil), Camellia sinensis (green tea oil), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender oil), Prunus dulcis (almond oil).
Apply on your pulse points and enjoy the aroma.