Clean Up Sanitizer - GREEN

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Clean Up Sanitizer - GREEN

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Clove oil Antibacterial

With clove bud essential oil.

Wangsa Jelita Clean Up Sanitizer combines trusted antibacterial and antiviral ingredients with a moisturizing agent that helps to remove dirt and kill germs while leaving skin feeling soft. It is alcohol-based, which follows the standard germicidal efficacy when soap and water are not available.

Not to mention, its mild formulation makes it safe for kids and the entire family.

Cleaning hands and even dirty surfaces.
Alcohol, Syzgium aromaticum (clove bud essential oil).
For a proper hand rub, spray spreadly to both palm, nails, and fingers thoroughly, and then air dry. To clean and deodorized, spray the product on the surface until it is thoroughly wet. Let stand 30 seconds. Wipe with a paper towel or clean dishtowel.